So if you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you know I am Disney obsessed.  Yeah, it’s a problem.  Anyway, I just recentley saw the movie Frozen with my sis-in-law (hey Kylie hey!) and let me tell you – I LOVE IT.  It’s  is absolutely in my top three favorite Disney movies.  I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD.

SO while we are all stuck inside for the freezing cold weekend, I thought ‘Why not try an experiment?!’ I called my Mom and asked her if she had any bubbles.  She did! (Yay) so I drove over to her house – grabbed the bubbles and one of my brothers and headed outside.  I wanted to see if  the bubbles would freeze, and what they would look like once that happened.  We also added food coloring which didn’t work at all. ( oh well! )

It was pretty neat.  We only stayed outside for a few minutes, but it was still pretty cool.  (pretty cool, see what I did there? ha)

Take a look at what happened – All inspired by Disney’s Frozen!

disneys frozen bubble experiment This was the first bubble to freeze! It had just a line of food coloring on the top too.  Yay!

disneys frozen bubble experiment disneys frozen bubble experiment I really liked ^ this one that was popped.  It had a little food coloring at the very bottom that settled and it landed perfectly on our gate before it popped and frozen in place.  disneys frozen bubble experiment disneys frozen bubble experiment disneys frozen bubble experiment

Anyway I was just playing around to keep fresh.  You all should try blowing bubbles to see if they freeze next time its really cold out!! 🙂  Also, If you haven’t seen Frozen, go check it out!!